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Strengthening Shot

Strengthening Shot


                                            Introduction to strengthen Shot

Name: strengthening Shot, also known as: high strength reinforced steel shot, steel shot high carbon spring steel shot.
Production process: the use of drawing, cutting, and strengthen other refining process, in strict accordance with the German VDFI 8001/2009 and American SAE J441, AMS2431 standard. This product uniform particle size, product hardness was HV400-500, HV500-555, HV555-605, HV610-670 and HV670-740; product particle size from 0.2mm-3.0mm; circular shape are cut pills, throw circle of G1, G2, G3; life from 3500 to 9600 cycles.
1 Shot toughness strengthen stronger, not broken, so long life, high impact resistance, can reach spray (throwing) pill strength in a short period of time faster, can better maintain long spray (throwing) pill strength ; lower consumption during use;
My company to strengthen the traditional grinding balls in strengthening steel cut wire shot on the basis of improvements have been made;
○ a high quality alloy steel as a substrate, higher performance, more stable;
○ b improved drawing process, making it more compact internal organization;
○ c improve the traditional cast to play entirely on the grinding process, reducing the cast to play the course itself is damaged pellets, to further improve the service life;
2, the choice of a good spray shot peening equipment, reasonable peening process, the choice to strengthen steel shot can get introduced to optimize the inner loop knot strain hardening of the microstructure and surface residual compressive stress field in the surface of the workpiece at the same time , an outer surface of low surface roughness can be obtained, thereby improving the processed 30% of the fatigue life of the workpiece;
3, strengthen steel shot can lead to higher jet blast cleaning quality, and significantly improve the cleaning efficiency to conventional spring clean-up and clean-up gear, for example, used to strengthen steel shot cleaning and compared to the ordinary high-carbon steel shot, efficiency can be increased more than 50%;
4 Shot strengthen higher life it will greatly reduce dust generation, compared with the normal high-Shot, dust emission volume reduced by at least 30% or more, reducing the dust removal system in line, to extend the life of the filter while reducing the pollution of a bad environment, is the real green steel shot.
Product parameters:
Specifications: 0.2mm-3.0mm, can be customized according to customer demand.
1. Strengthen Aviation: Aviation blades, axles, gear, etc.
2, motorcycles, automobile industry to strengthen: Train wheels, stabilizer bar, springs, crankshafts, gears, leaf springs, etc.
3, oil exploration: shaft, pumping rod, mining and drilling
4, boat Strengthening: anchor chain, chain bolts, valves, connecting rods and other engine
5, defense, military: the firing pin, camshaft, compressor blades, etc.
6, machine Strengthening: milling, punching tools, etc.
7, strengthen the building: Metro high strength railings and other packaging:
Inner packing: 25kg / bag lining bag.
Packing: nylon bags, paper bags, paper boxes.
Whole ton Packaging: pallet or ton bag.

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