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Zinc pills

Zinc pills


Name: zinc pills also known as: zinc cut wire shot, rounded zinc cut wire shot.
Production process: the use of drawing, cutting, rounding and other refining process.
○ a uniform composition, size pure, moderate hardness, long life.
○ b specific gravity close to iron and steel, low hardness, so not only larger burr can be removed without the wear surface of the product while the metal surface corrosion and rust-preventive layer is formed.
○ c with different aluminum type abrasive dust ignition point is very low, good security. And the surface of a significant whitening effect.
Product parameters:

Specifications: 0.2mm-3.0mm, can be customized according to customer requirements
Uses: mainly used for all kinds of aluminum alloy, zinc die casting a variety of products deburring and cleaning.
Inner packing: 25kg / bag lining bag.
Packing: nylon bags, paper bags, paper boxes.
Whole ton Packaging: pallet or ton bag.

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