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Stone dedicated Shot

Stone dedicated Shot


Name: Stone Shot / Grit aka Stone: Stone special steel shot, grit stone dedicated, special stainless steel balls of stone, sand stone special stainless steel, stone and stainless steel balls, stainless steel sand stone, stone stainless steel cut wire shot, stainless steel shot stone and so on.
Our company specializes in the development of special steel shot stone, for stone through shot blasting machine is mainly used for marble, fire boards and other alternative products, is nearly two years to develop new technology to fight hair stone for marble, granite and other Surface treatment of stone construction materials.
Our current research and development of products with the latest stainless steel (Cr≥12.0%), high hardness (HRC≥40, improve production efficiency), high wear resistance (Mn≥13.5%, reduce losses) and non-magnetic weak magnetism and many other features, a stone manufacturers to ensure the quality, effectiveness, reduce costs the best choice.
Performed using steel shot blasting stone surface treatment process has the following characteristics:
1, processing quality and stability, surface texture clear uniform.
2 Shot mainly by nickel-manganese-chromium alloy, etc., will not lead to iron pills and ordinary steel shot caused the stone surface rust and so on.
3, which has the advantage of high efficiency of the shot blasting, the average feed speed, upper and lower surfaces may be simultaneously processed according to the special requirements.
4, the surface roughness of the roughness of the stone can use different kinds of grain Shot according to the needs of different processing.
 With this stone decorative surface treatment technology has good weather resistance, the indicators are far superior to the traditional process, and post-processing of the product has been greatly improved in the variety, quality, grade, texture, in the market very competitive. It was born to fill the traditional process can not overcome the stone surface rust and low productivity problem is to replace traditional burning face a major breakthrough in technology, is a new cutting-edge stone surface treatment technology and equipment, can be used for the processing of granite, marble, sand stone, slate and other rocks in the stone field has broad application prospects.
Xinghua City, Hong matter of Metal Products Co., Ltd. has twenty years experience in the production of abrasive, is the largest production base for steel shot. Our R & D technology, production equipment and testing methods are in a leading position, with research and development, production, tracking feedback stop production capacity and sales service. Shot in recent years developed a stone dedicated to provide compliance with the various requirements of steel shot for stone production enterprises, help enterprises stable product quality, increase productivity, reduce production costs. Friends are welcome to come to consult the industry, to discuss cooperation.

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